The Mile High-Rolling Club

How in-flight casino entertainment could soon become a reality

girls eneteing private jetCasinos have been a staple in luxury cruise ships for some time now. Waterborne vacations taken in these lavishly gigantic vessels are within the spending power of the more well-off, so it only makes sense that slot machines and table games of the high-rolling nature be installed on board. Wanting to take this concept to the next level, a couple of aviation design innovators have been drawing blueprints on an in-flight casino bar, because why not?

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Dassault Falcon 7X – Fastest Private Jet in The World


Dassault Falcon 7X with its famous recognizable pattern.

The Falcon 7X, proved to be the fastest private jet in the world. The model of this private jet with the serial number 207, fly 6.452 kilometers or 3.465 nautical miles for five hours and fifty four minutes (5.54min.). Most of the time the plane was cruising at Mach 0.88. Falcon7x SN207 start this journey from the New Jersey airport “Teterboro” at 8:04 east American time on May2 and touch the ground at London City Airport at 6:58 GMT0. Continue reading

Kim Jong Un Private Jet

Kim Jong Un Private Jet is believed to be a Russian made Ilyushin Il 62 jet. This model of airline jet is well know by millions of Russians because it was serving as a workhorse of the Russian airlines. This particular model is not a regular passenger jet but is believed it have major interior upgrade for added luxury for 24 to 36 most close members of this north Korean dictator. Continue reading

Top 7 Tips For Saving On Airfares In 2014

Nobody truly knows where airfares are headed in the not so distant future. In any case here are Top 7 tips for saving on airfares in 2014.

1. Search for promo codes.

Aerial shuttles are progressively falling back on advancement codes to sidestep online travel orgs and Meta web crawlers, driving activity to their own particular locales, which are, truth is told, important properties offering everything from Visas to lodging rooms. To get the codes, sign up for the carriers’ continuous flyer programs and messaged pamphlets. These admissions are never recorded on Travelocity, Kayak, and so forth. Continue reading

Redesigned Challenger 350 Private Jet

Many people in the Private Jet industry agrees – Redesigned Challenger 350 private jet will change the game in the mid size private jet segment.

The new Challenger 350 (or let me be more precise – redesigned) will offer bigger cabin with bigger windows – read more space for the passengers, more advanced top of the shelf avionics, wi-fi connection and wireless entertainment opportunity and a full galley which can be designed around the design and specification of the clients.

Challenger 350 redesign

This plane will offer space for up to ten passengers which can enjoy flying up to 6100 km without refueling. Continue reading

A Once In a Lifetime Adventure! Around the World in a Private Jet

Custom Private JetThere is no other felling like touching down in a private jet on a far and exotic destination.  Also, there is no greater adventure like a journey around the world, visiting new places with each comfortable flight. Flying on a private jet is much more that getting from one place to another; it’s about immersing in different cultures, tasting various culinary flavors, admiring nature and man-made marbles. It`s all about experiencing what the world has to offer. Continue reading

Falcon 5X – Setting The New Standard For Private Jets

dassault falcon 5x private jetThe name of the big news in the private jet industru is Falcon 5X. This new private jet from Dassault Aviation is setting the whole new standard for the large cabin private jets in the world… Well at least for the new upcoming models made by the competition which will need to compete in the same class. Continue reading