Redesigned Challenger 350 Private Jet

Many people in the Private Jet industry agrees – Redesigned Challenger 350 private jet will change the game in the mid size private jet segment.

The new Challenger 350 (or let me be more precise – redesigned) will offer bigger cabin with bigger windows – read more space for the passengers, more advanced top of the shelf avionics, wi-fi connection and wireless entertainment opportunity and a full galley which can be designed around the design and specification of the clients.

Challenger 350 redesign

This plane will offer space for up to ten passengers which can enjoy flying up to 6100 km without refueling. Continue reading

A Once In a Lifetime Adventure! Around the World in a Private Jet

Custom Private JetThere is no other felling like touching down in a private jet on a far and exotic destination.  Also, there is no greater adventure like a journey around the world, visiting new places with each comfortable flight. Flying on a private jet is much more that getting from one place to another; it’s about immersing in different cultures, tasting various culinary flavors, admiring nature and man-made marbles. It`s all about experiencing what the world has to offer. Continue reading

Falcon 5X – Setting The New Standard For Private Jets

dassault falcon 5x private jetThe name of the big news in the private jet industru is Falcon 5X. This new private jet from Dassault Aviation is setting the whole new standard for the large cabin private jets in the world… Well at least for the new upcoming models made by the competition which will need to compete in the same class. Continue reading

Cessna Citation – The Most Popular Private Jet in The World

cessna citation XLS private jet is one of the most popular private jets in the worldWell… There is one and only one who deserve this prestige title. And the model is Cessna Citation.  This Cessna model is the most popular and the most desirable private jet in the world.

Cessna Citation is one of the most popular private jets in the world because the price is very decent comparing to other private jets in its class, excellent safety records second to none and great comfort comparing to the competition. The maximal speed is around 780 kilometers per hour or 480 miles per hour. The range of Cessna Citation is 1680 nautical miles or more than three thousand and one hundred kilometers. Continue reading

Private jets and security

safe private jet servicePrivate jets travel is not offering only convenience, comfort and luxury, but also security and privacy.

This days flying with an aircraft is not a luxury but necessity. There are thousands even millions of people which are traveling with an aircraft because they need to meet people on the other side of the country, continent or even the planet. Private jets are offering the best solution even  they are more expensive than regular airlines. Continue reading

Bombardier at Farnborough Airshow 2012

Bombardier is the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer.

Bombardier Global family corporate jetsOn the Farnborough International Airshow Bombardier present large and impressive portfolio of business and commercial aircraft like: Ultra long-range Global 6000 jet – featuring the new Vision Flight Deck, then the super mid-size and very popular Challenger 300 jet, Learjet 45 XR aircraft, Q400 Next Gen turbo-prop aircraft and CRJ900 Next Gen regional jet. Continue reading

Private Jet Management

Do you already own a private jet or you’re thinking of buying aircraft for your own needs? There are many things involved in buying private jet and even more in owning a one.

private jet engine serviceOwning a private jet involves buying fuel, service and maintenance, insurance, finding and hiring professional pilots, mechanics and other flying crew like flight attendants. Also owning a private jet include monthly reporting for the condition of the aircraft, cost of ownership and budgeting, regulatory compliance with domestic and foreign law, cleaning of the aircraft, airport fees and many other features which can made your private jet ownership a nightmare. Continue reading